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Residential plumbing service

When it comes to your home's plumbing, you want reliable service that you can depend on. Harrison Plumbing and Septic Tank Service has the knowledge and expertise to provide you top-notch repairs for a wide variety of household plumbing problems.

Effective and reliable plumbing

Time for a toilet repair or replacement ?

We are the area’s leading toilet repair & toilet replacement plumbing company!  We specialize in all toilet repairs or replacements in all styles – one piece, two piece and wall hung toilets.  We recommend Toto toilet products, but we can repair or replace any brand, make and model.  We either purchase the toilet or install what you have purchased.  Please call before purchasing.

For over 30 years, we have been Marianna's top source for expert plumbing repairs and services.

Over 30 years of quality workmanship

  • Faucet repair

  • Drain cleaning and repair

  • Pipe repair

  • Leaking pipe repair

  • Pipe burst repair

  • Repiping

Complete residential plumbing services

24-hour emergency services!


  • Rerouting

  • Water filtration system service

  • Clog removal

  • Garbage disposal repair

  • Leak detection

  • Line detection

Dripping faucets?  Leaking faucets?  Worn-out faucets?  Corroded faucets?  Time to repair or replace?  Harrison Plumbing is the areas choice for repairing or replacing faucets!  There are many faucet brands on the market and we specialize in quality repairs or replacements of most any brand.  We can provide the faucets or install faucets that you have purchased and need quality installation.  Some faucet brands are shown below and you can click on the logo to review faucet brands & styles.  Please call Harrison Plumbing, 526-2852 for all faucet repairs or replacements.  

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Quality Faucet Repairs & Installation

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Harrison Plumbing Specializes in Toilet Repairs & Replacements

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We can repair or replace if needed any brand, make & model garbage disposal in the most expeditious manner.  While we are replacing the garbage disposal please let us know if you have any leaking faucets or running toilets so we can resolve those issues on the same service call.  A lot of customers also ask us if we can help them on their septic tank pumping, but please let us know before we come to repair your garbage disposal so we can arrange to bring the right equipment.

Garbage Disposal Problems?

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We have the experience to repair or replace all toilet brands, makes & models for residential and commercial properties.  Your business and loyalty is very important to our company.


Toilets or Showers Backing Up or Clogged?

Toilets and showers backing up or draining slowly may be a sign your septic tank needs pumping or you have some clogged pipes.  In either case, Harrison Plumbing has the experience to identify the cause of the problem and fix it promptly.  In some cases, we have found  tree or shrub roots have found their way into the pipe lines causing them to crack or break leading to damaged pipes.  Another common problem is paper towels, wash cloths or feminine products being flushed down the toilets or grease poured down sink drains will result in clogged pipes needing immediate attention.

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