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Water heater repair

Are you tired of running out of hot water too quickly? It might be time to have your water heater repaired or upgraded. For complete water heater repairs and installations, contact the experts at Harrison Plumbing and Septic Tank Service.

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Expert water heater services and repairs

Your water heater can affect everyone in your home. Our team will work to thoroughly inspect and repair your water heater. If you need a new water heater, our experienced plumbers will help you find the most affordable and effective option for your home.

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Harrison Plumbing is the areas choice for replacing worn out, leaking or corroted water heater tanks.  Water heater technology has advanced significantly over the past few years and energy savings has become a bonus to the homeowner.  We offer the finest, most affordable tank water heaters in the Florida Panhandle.


Residential homeowner tank water heaters usually store between 20 and 80 gallons.  Harrison Plumbing will discuss with you the best option of tank water heater you need to fulfill all your water requirements.  Whether you have one individual in your home, a family of four or entertainment is one of your frequent venues, Harrison Plumbing will assist you in making the right tank water heater decision.


We prefer to use Rheem tank water heaters as they are considered by many as the industry’s finest.  Rheem’s proprietary Guardian System technology prevents the ignition flammable vapors that may be present in the area.  Of course, we specialize in quality installation of all tank water heater brands and will help you in determining what brand, model & size water tank heater will provide you with the best performance.  

Tank Water Heating

Harrison Plumbing specializes in tank & tankless water heating for residential and commercial applications.  With today’s rising water heating energy costs, Rheem has answered the need for energy efficient water heating with tankless water heaters.  Rheem utilizes advanced technology for energy efficient tankless water heating which provides homeowners and business owners the opportunity to have many choices for meeting their water heating requirements.  

Tankless Water Heating

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The water heater capacity needs to be determined based upon the homeowners or business owners water heating needs.  Harrison Plumbing will discuss with you several factors that need to be considered in making the right choice for your water heater capacity.  We have been replacing water heaters for many years and have the experience to accomplish your water heating needs in a cost-effective, professional manner.


We are listing several factors we will discuss with you to determine what water heater capacity is the right choice for you:

How many people use the shower and at what typical times?

  • Are the tubs standard size or larger size, such as spa tubs, etc.?

  • When are the major appliances such as the dishwasher is use?  Are they in use during times of showering?

  • How long does a person typically use water in the shower?  

  • What is your water heater experience today?  Do you have enough hot water with your present usage or do you find you are running out of hot water when you shower after others have showered?


Harrison Plumbing values the opportunity working with you.  When we arrive to replace your existing water heater system, please keep in mind that while we are there we can repair plumbing problems such as leaking faucets,  toilets, etc.  Also, we are the leader in the Florida Panhandle for septic tank pumping and assist you in determining if your septic tank needs pumping.  Thank you for considering Harrison Plumbing.  

What size water heater do I need?